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Суббота, 30.9.2023
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We live in a world of rapid technological advancement

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23.07.2014, 11:28

We live in a world of rapid technological advancement.
 Robots, Artifical intelligence. Robotics has been one of the most researched and most worked area in field of engineering. Regarded to appear similar to human with the capability to perform every possible work without anxiety or tiredness is what makes a robot. On the other hand, the Artificial technology has already started showing its pathway in modern day robots. Basically, AI is related to make excellent machines that uses ultra-technology to perform its tasks. Inspired with the war machines and robots in films like the Terminator, Star Wars and similar movies, engineers have spent a lot of their time, technology and budget in creating such intelligence useful for several household purposes, carpentry, fire-fighting, military applications and even more promising applications like to perform several disaster operations during floods, landslides, bomb diffusions etc.  Artificial intelligence also makes the use of robotics to surpass the intelligence of humans and make it faster, reliable and accurate than computers. 
Electricity.  It was in the year 1570 when William Gilbert described the electric effect of Amber as well as the magnetic effect of lodestone to coin the tem “Electricus”. After 200 years Benjamin Franklin conducted his kite string and key experiment that first gave idea about the electricity which is one of most required daily needs of modern day world. With the invention of cell by Volta and derivation of different laws regarding electricity, the technology made rapid progress with dc and ac currents that helped in transmissions of electricity to run different industries, light homes etc. Electricity has laid foundations for several development process and given ideas to other inventions as well. Each and every gadgets, and most of our daily used appliances require the use of electricity that keeps it at the top of the list as the best modern day inventions


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