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Понедельник, 25.9.2023
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People are either born lucky or unlucky

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23.07.2014, 11:28

People are either born lucky or unlucky
People are born with bad luck or good luck. Everyone says that I'm a lucky girl. It is indeed true. But sometimes I can also have all sorts of trouble. But I'm trying to win all of them and go forward. In chinese fengshui, your date of birth, and time signifies what fortune  kind of life awaits you. Don't you notice that sometimes there is person who is very hardworking, he is industrious but no matter how he tries or strive, luck seems to never have come his way? But then we also see someone who have worked as well but not as hard as the first example but success already was with him/her! Yes, I believe in luck and I also believe in fate. It is hard to explain, but I believe in luck. To me everything happens for a reason and sometimes we are powerless to prevent or change it. To lose a Job,Girl/-Boyfriend or to fail to pass an exam are of cause unhappy things,but there is always a reason for. If all these things are happened at the same time,then you have to think about what's wrong with you and do it better. We have to create the situations that will allow the opportunity for real luck to occur.


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