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Суббота, 2.12.2023
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Good manners are an important value to learn

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17.02.2014, 00:59

Good manners are an important value to learn

Most experts will tell you that teaching good manners and respectful behavior all starts at home. Parents need to show their children how good manners are appropriate and should be followed.A lesson that many parents forget, is that they need to model what they want from their children. In other words, parents need to be watchful in what they say and do with each other in front of their children. Most children learn my imitating what they see. If you and your spouse are low and angry, your child will assume that is normal and mimic those behaviors themselves.Parents need to sit down and explain to their children what is expected of them concerning good manners, however if the parent is not reinforcing it with good manners themselves, the effort is useless. By showing your child good manners, you reinforce the expectations you have for your children.

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