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Четверг, 30.11.2023
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Cheating moments in sport

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17.02.2014, 01:02

Cheating moments in sport

Foofball (Divine Intervention?)
Argentina were playing England in the quarter-finals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. In the 52nd minute the Argentinian captain, Diego Maradona, scored a goal. The English players protested but the referee gave the goal. However, TV cameras showed that Maradona had scored the goal with his hand! Maradona said the next day, 'It was partly the hand of Maradona, and partly the hand of God.' Later in the game Maradona scored another goal and Argentina won 2-1. They went on to win the World Cup.

Athletics (With a little help of my friends)
Fred Lorz, from New York, won the marathon at the St Louis Olympic Games in 1904. He finished the race in three hours 13 minutes. After the race Fred was waiting to get his medal and the spectators were cheering him loudly. Alice Roosevelt, the daughter of the US President, was in the crowd, and some journalists took a photo of Fred with her. But then suddenly somebody started shouting 'cheat' and soon everybody was shouting the same thing. It was true. Fred had travelled 18 of the 42 kilometres in a friend's car! Fred didn't win the gold medal and he was banned from athletics.

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