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Museums in Kazakhstan and Great Britain слайд,презентация

Оқушылар,студенттер,мұғалімдер,сайт қолданушылары өз материалыңызбен бөліссеңіз қуанышты болатын едік!

Museums in Kazakhstan and Great Britain слайд,презентация



Today we work in two groups. I'll give you these letters. You form a word. Who composed the words Kazakhstan go in the first group, who composed the words Britain go in the second group
    There are many museums in Kazakhstan among which the most important
 and popular ones are: 
Central state Museums in Kazakhstan which is situated in Almaty is one 
of the largest museums in Central Asia. It was founded in 1931 and now it 
is one of the landmarks of Almaty.
Kasteev’s  Museum of Arts, founded in 1935 as the national Art Gallery of 
Kazakhstan,  attract many visitors. The heritage left to us by the masters of
the past is carefully presented in this museum. There are many wonderful 
things to look at and admire.
     The Museum also includes masterpieces of modern art of different forms 
and styles. It is a place to come  back to again and again and enjoy yourself.
State Museum of Popular Musical Instruments was created in 1980.
Kazakh musical  instruments have been collected in the Museum from all 
regions of Kazakhstan and many parts of the  world.
     The name of the British Museum is known throughout  the world. 
From the start it was a library and a museum in one, a repository of 
books, art treasures and natural history specimens covering different
periods, countries and branches of learning.
   The British Museum was founded in 1753 when the President of 
the Royal Society Sir Hans Sloane bequeathed to the nation his private 
collection of 40 000 books, 3 500 manuscripts, 200 000 natural history  
specimens and a collection of coins, medals, painting and antiquities. 
Now the British Museum’s  collection of books is the richest  collection 
in the world: it has 13 million volumes.
   The Museum’s present home was built between 1823 and 1850 in the 
Greek style. In addition the Round Reading Room was built later in the 
centre of the British  Museum. There are some 30 000 books on the 
open access in the Round Reading Room. Typical  readers are 
university professors, students, journalists, writers, and those who are 
interested in research. The British Museum is a national   treasure 
house and the international museum  




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