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Четверг, 14.12.2017
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London слайд,презентация

Оқушылар,студенттер,мұғалімдер,сайт қолданушылары өз материалыңызбен бөліссеңіз қуанышты болатын едік!

London слайд,презентация



London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and cultural centre. London is situated on the both banks of the River Thames. Traditionally London is divided into several parts: the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End.  The City is the heart of London. Numerous banks, offices and firms are situated there. It is the financial centre of the UK.  Westminster is the historic centre of government. The West End is the richest and most beautiful part of London.  The East End is the poorest part of London. There are a lot of factories and docks here. The East End is populated by working class families.“ It's better to see something once then to hear about it a hundred times”Big Ben in London, which is one of the most famous clocks in the world. The English people built the tower and the clock in 1858. The bell weights 13,5 tons. The man in charge of the building was Sir Benjamin Hall. This man was very tall and his friends called him Big Ben. The present clock was made in the middle of last century.




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