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Kazakhstan - Astana слайд,презентация

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Kazakhstan - Astana слайд,презентация



Astana has been the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997, and is the country's second largest city (after Almaty, the former capital)
Kazakhstan became independent in 1991, the city and the region were renamed "Akmola", literally meaning "White Shrine".
In 1995, the city was designated as the future capital of the newly-independent country, and the capital was officially moved from Almaty on December 10, 1997.The new name, Astana, was bestowed in 1998.
The pyramid has been conceived and designed by architect Sir Norman Foster and engineers Buro Happold and inaugurated in September 2006. 
Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center


In December 2006, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev unveiled 

plans to build Khan Shatyr, a "giant, transparent tent", over an area of
the city. The project was completed in July 2010. The tent is 150 

meters high, and like the pyramid was designed by the British team of

 Norman Foster and Buro Happold
Baiterek is a monument and observation tower in Astana, Kazakhstan. A tourist attraction popular with foreign visitors and native Kazakhs alike, it is emblematic of the city, which became capital of the country in 1997. 



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