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Суббота, 26.5.2018
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Food слайд,презентация

Оқушылар,студенттер,мұғалімдер,сайт қолданушылары өз материалыңызбен бөліссеңіз қуанышты болатын едік!

Food слайд,презентация



Aims of the lesson:
to enlarge the children’s vocabulary and grammar knowledge;
to develop their speaking, thinking and writing abilities;
to teach them to be well-mannered and well-educated person.

Visual aids: 
worksheets, colourful pictures of foods

Technical aids:
an interactive board

The type of the lesson:
combined lesson
An outline of the lesson plan:
I. Organization moment
Marking absentees
Checking-up the home task
II. Main stage
Presenting the new theme
Working on the new theme
III. Concluding stage
Evaluating the pupils’ knowledge
Giving the home task
Saying good-bye!

I. Organization moment
Good morning, pupils!
How are you?
Marking absentees
What date is it today?
Who is absent today?
What season is it now?
What month is it now?
What is the weather like today?
Do you like this kind of weather?

Checking-up the home task
Your home task was to read the dialogue in ex-8, p104 and let’s read it.

Mother: Would you like to have another cup of tea?
Susan: Yes, please.
Fred: No, thanks.
Father: I would love one.



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