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About London слайд,презентация

Оқушылар,студенттер,мұғалімдер,сайт қолданушылары өз материалыңызбен бөліссеңіз қуанышты болатын едік!

About London слайд,презентация




The theme of the lesson: Unit 5 Step 9  London
The aim of the lesson: 
  educational: to enrich students’ vocabulary stock with words                                                 concerning  the theme, talk about the sightseeings of London
  developing: to develop speaking, reading & writing habits
   bringing – up: to motivate students’  interest in learning English, to educate the feelings of international friendship, to make students feel themselves rich and successful
The type of the lesson: getting information
The kind of the lesson: traditional lesson
The methods: question-answer, group work, Venn diagram, Association, Graphical dictation, KWL chart, individual work, tests work with self- evaluation.
Connection with other subjects: mathematics, geography
Visual aids: cards, slides reflecting sightseeings of London, KWL chart, punch card.
Technical aids: interactive board, computers
Literature: internet materials, English proverbs 
               Happy English by Klementevae
               “Ағылшын тілі мектепте” журналы

The procedure of the lesson

I Organization moment

II Checking up the homework.
Exercise :10

III Warm up
Now we’ll write a graphical dictation in order to check your knowledge on the previous lessons.
Open your notebooks and draw this figure.


You are right, the capital of England is London.
Today the theme of our lesson is London. Now we’ll work with three groups. First , introduce yourselves.

 The motto : Neck or nothing 
                   (Тәуекел түбі жел қайық )
 The motto:  Better late than never
                    ( Ештен кеш жақсы )
  The motto:  Live and learn 
                    ( Үйрен де жирен)



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