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Predicate  слайд,презентация

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Predicate  слайд,презентация




The predicate is one of the 2 main parts of the sentence:
It denotes the action or property of the thing expressed by the subject
It is not dependent on any other part of the sentence.
Ways of expressing the predicate are varied and their structure 
will better be considered under the heading of types of predicate.

It is sometimes claimed that the predicate
agrees in number with the subject: when the subject is in the singular, the predicate is bound to be in the singular, and vice versa. However this statement is very doubtful.

    E.g. My family are early risers. + The question of concord   refers to the level of phrases, not sentences.
The predicate is the part of the sentence that makes a statement about the subject. The main part of the predicate is the verb.
The predicate usually comes after the subject. Once you find the subject, you can easily find the predicate. Just ask yourself what the sentence is telling you about the subject.
The predicate might tell you what the subject did (or does, or will do). Let's take another look at our first example:
Samantha collects reptiles.
In this sentence, as you know, the subject is Samantha. The predicate collects reptilestells you what Samantha does. The verb here is the action verb collects.
The predicate might also give a description of the subject, as in our second example:
My girlfriend's boa constrictor seems restless this morning.
Here, seems restless this morning gives a description of the subject boa constrictor. The verb is the linking verb seems, which merely links the description to the subject, without expressing any action.
The predicates we have seen have all been two or more words long. But sometimes, the predicate is simply a verb by itself:
Jean-Marc sneezed.
In the above example, Jean-Marc is the subject, and the verb sneezed is the predicate.
Types of predicate:
Predicates may be classified in 2 ways, one of which is based on their structure (simple or compound), and the other on their morphological characteristics (verbal or nominal).
1.Structural classification:
simple predicate (verbal and nominal)
compound predicate (verbaland nominal)
2.Morphological classification:
verbal predicate (simple and compound)
nominal predicate(simple and compound)




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