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Понедельник, 23.4.2018
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When you hear the final whistle

Оқушылар,студенттер,мұғалімдер,сайт қолданушылары өз материалыңызбен бөліссеңіз қуанышты болатын едік!

17.02.2014, 00:56

When you hear the final whistle

The article is headlined "When you hear the final whistle”. It tells about successful sportsmen who have to retire after their eventful life. At the opening of the article the author asks such questions as - when should a sportsperson retire and what should he do when he retires. After that the journalist cites quotations of people connected with sport. A sports psychologist Ian Cockerill and the US jockey Eddie Araco, both of them insist that there is a high risk for sportspeople of depression on the score of loss of status, recognition, the glamour. Then the author illustrates his ideas by examples of famous sportsmen. A lot of them have a dismal end. The first one, Michael Jordan, retired several times and ended in failure in an inferior team. The second one, Muhammad Ali, having retired after losing to Trevor Berbick three years later developed Parkinson’s disease. The third sportsmen, Jimmy Greaves thinks that a lot of players would prefer to be shot once their career is over. However this situation has good cases, as Franz Beckenbauer, who won everything with his club, John McEnroe, who became a highly respected and highly paid TV commentator.Начало формы

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