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Понедельник, 23.4.2018
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How to change my life for the better?

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17.02.2014, 00:58

How to change my life for the better?

If you want to change your life in the best side then do the following steps:1.Think about why and how you want to change your life. 2. Pick a starting point. Your outlook on life, your inside or outside. Family, friends?3. Talk to family/friends. Ask them what they like about you what they don't. Keep the good qualities and try to lose the bad ones.4. Change your outlook on life. If you think your life sucks, then do things you love to do to make your life positive. (GOOD THINGS ONLY, NOTHING BAD!!!).5. If you are in school, study hard so you can pass classes, with really high GPAs, so you can go to the college you want, or just to college at all.6. Don't spend your money on junk such as candy, chips etc. Save it for important things and emergencies7. Make your parents happy, which will make you happy.8. If you want to, keep a journal and just write or sketch things when you are bored. Also, when you are doing something you might think of something you won't want to forget write it down express your feelings!9. Try to look happy.10. Be nice.

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