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Понедельник, 21.5.2018
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Hero or icon of your life

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23.07.2014, 11:26

I think almost everyone in the world admires someone. It is especially true for young people. Most of them have icons. They try to look and act like them. It is useful when a person looks up to someone with positive qualities or to someone who has done lots of good and worthy things. Idols are mostly found in such spheres like music or cinema. My idol is Michael Jackson. I like all his songs and I admire his personality. I think that he was a multi-talented person. He managed to stage fantastic and spectacular shows. He was a great singer and dancer. Besides, he did a lot for poor and disabled children of Africa. I’ve read at a magazine that Michael Jackson was born in a rather poor family. There were nine children and they all lived in a four-room house. Later, when Michael Jackson became really rich and popular, he purchased a huge house with lots of rooms upstairs and downstairs. Many critics said his behavior was eccentric. He never gave interviews, he was rarely seen in public, he often wore a face mask to protect himself from germs, and he slept in an oxygen capsule, which he believed would help him to live longer. However, his manager says that he was simply very shy. He started singing in public when he was only five years old. Since then he had been working like a grown-up. He had never had free time to play with other children and he led a very stressful life. He felt safe with animals and children and he feared crowds. He was a bit childish too. He loved kids’ stories and his favourite hero was Peter Pan. No matter how eccentric or childish he was, I think he was a clever man, who managed to create a successfully brilliant image.

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